Nehemiah Spring Creek Phase 4A (Homeownership)

Nehemiah Spring Creek Phases 4A is part of a multi-phase, decades old effort by the City of New York to transform 45-acres of land that was formerly Wetlands (pre-1930) and Landfill (1930-1968) to a robust mixed income, mixed use development. The City and State of New York designated Spring Creek for a new suburban-style, mixed use, mixed income community more than a decade ago.

Monadnock Development and Nehemiah HDFC developed Phases 4A, which consists of 56 single-family homes, 27 two-family homes. The homes will be sold to families between 80% and 130% of area median income. The builder on all Nehemiah Spring Creek homes has been Monadnock Construction.

To ensure the success and viability of the Spring Creek Developments, the city has invested over $20 million in environmental and infrastructure improvements. Nehemiah phases I, II, and III have had a profound impact on the surrounding residential communities of East New York, Brownsville and the Starrett City Housing Development, which is home to more than 12,500 working class families.

Prior to the Spring Creek Developments, the area being developed was a massive landfill and dumping ground for all manner of illegal refuse. In addition to being an eyesore, the tremendous scale of the site and its prior use posed a significant public health and safety problem for the City. In addition, this densely populated segment of Brooklyn had few viable shopping options.

The creation of the Gateway Shopping Center, the first three phases of Nehemiah Homes, along with the Thomas Jefferson High School Football Field, has transformed Spring Creek into an incredible asset for the local community. Future phases have generated tremendous anticipation as people focus on the volume of affordable for-sale housing, expanded retail, new recreation space and affordable rentals. For these reasons, the project has enjoyed widespread community support from residents, elected officials, city planning staff and those seeking employment opportunities.

Year: Closed Financing in June 2016
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Homes: 83
Type: New Construction

Development Team: Monadnock Development, Nehemiah Housing Development Fund, East Brooklyn Congregations
Architect: DeLaCour, Ferrara & Church Architects, P.C.